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Our success stories

What Price You Should Quote to Your Oversea Buyer?

Manoj Dua, VP Exports was chasing a large order from reputed buyer in Europe for an year and finally the moment of truth arrived. Buyer asked to quoteRead more..

What to do When Profits Start Stagnating?

Mr.Gupta has a large scale setup of export of handicrafts in Moradabad. The business was started by his grandfather and it now third generation runningRead more..

Revival of an Export Business from Recession (The RealStory)

Apprehension and stress loomed over him Ankur Sethi as he sat alone in his office with his head cupped in his plamsRead more..

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with our export import market intelligence

Discover high profit

Find the 20% Buyers, Products, Markets Which give you 80% Profits.

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Discover ideal price

Find Price Points where maximum volume is happening & important price band where your product best fit in

Discover high growth

Find information to capitalize on market opportunities by tracking supply-demand shifts.

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Global import export data of 90+ countries

  • Argentina Export
  • Argentina Import
  • Bangladesh Export
  • Bangladesh Import
  • Belgium Export
  • Belgium Import
  • Bolivia Import
  • Chile Export
  • Chile Import
  • China Export
  • China Import
  • Columbia Export
  • Columbia Import
  • CostaRica Export
  • CostaRica Import
  • Ecuador Export
  • Ecuador Import
  • Egypt Export
  • Egypt Import
  • Ethiopia Export
  • Ethiopia Import
  • Germany Export
  • Germany Import
  • Guatemala Export
  • Guatemala Import
  • India Export
  • India Import
  • India Import
  • Iran Import
  • Iraq Import
  • Kenya Import
  • Kuwait Import
  • Malaysia Export
  • Malaysia Import
  • Mexico Export
  • Mexico Import
  • Netherlands Export
  • Netherlands Import
  • Oman Import
  • Pakistan Import
  • Panama Export
  • Panama Import
  • Paraguay Export
  • Paraguay Import
  • Peru Import
  • Peru Export
  • Peru Import
  • Philippines Export
  • Philippines Import
  • Russia Export
  • Russia Import
  • SaudiArabia Export
  • SaudiArabia Import
  • Singapore Export
  • Singapore Import
  • Spain Export
  • Spain Import
  • Srilanka Export
  • Srilanka Import
  • Turkey Export
  • Turkey Import
  • UAE Export
  • UAE Import
  • Ukraine Export
  • Ukraine Import
  • Uruguay Export
  • Uruguay Import
  • USA Export
  • USA Import
  • Venezuela Export
  • Venezuela Import

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We are not just data provider, we are the growth parnter. We understand our clients core needs and objective and delivers powerful export import trade insight to make better, faster decisons

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25K Clients in 90 Countries
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100% Authentic
100% Money Back Guarantee

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Data driven decisions are game changing opportunity to transform export import profits.

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II Global helped me discover a new product with 50% margin, huge volumes and 40% growth rate. I am a winner now and expanding rapidly.

Mayank Shekhar

Director, Shekhar Brothers